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Our eyes usually are not in dangerous because of the reading, but from our bad habits of reading. Here are some general rules with which you will be able read without difficulty for longer period of time:

1. Never read in too bright or too dim light.

Poor lighting will tire your eyes faster. Your eyes will let you know whether the light was good, all you have to do is pay attention to them. If you find it difficult to read, you should first check whether the lighting is like it should be.

2. Take a Break To Relieve Strain On Your Eyes

Just as we would make a break during a hard physical work, and your eyes should also get rest from reading. At least on every 20 minutes stop reading and relax your eyes for about 5 minutes.

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3. Blink constantly to avoid staring or your eyes do not get dry

If your eyes are aching during or after the reading, it is perhaps because they you are enthralled in reading and you forgot to blink. Remind yourself to blink more.

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4. Avoid reading what has barely readable letters as much as you can.

Many reading material has been printed with the letters that are so obscure, small, cramped or stretched, that with cause eye strain. Avoid such things. If you have trouble with what you have to read, such as legal documents or directories, do not strain your eyes; Read it when your eyes are rested, and with the relevant lightning.

5. Breathe.

Although thoughts can be gone, your body is still there, and your eyes need oxygen more than ever. Many people tend to hold their breath during the reading, as is the case with many activities; therefore, remind yourself to breathe as much often as it is necessary.

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