Talk to Mother lovingly ,
Talk to Father respectfully ,
Talk to Brothers heartily ,
Talk to Sisters affectionately ,
Talk to Children enthusiastically ,
Talk to Relatives empathetically ,
Talk to Friends jovially ,
Talk to Officials politely ,
Talk to Vendors strictly ,
Talk to Customers honestly ,
Talk to Workers courteously ,
Talk to Politicians carefully ,
Talk to GOD silently,
Talk to *WIFE* none of the above.

No other OPTION
Celtic Woman - Ave Maria
I always like Celtic Woman’s songs, for its Irish folkish rendition. This is probably one of the best version of Ave Maria.
Secret Garden - Nocturne EUROVISION 1995 WINNERS
I love this song, so emotional, so touching, so deep into one’s heart. There are many wonderful Secret Garden songs and music that I really like.
The strong Irish feel is always there from Secret garden.

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My Favourite Videos:
Rejoice. Enjoy. Senses. Sensuous.

Autumn Moon Over Serene Lake.
Hongkong Orchestra. Urhu Solo: Yee Chiwei
平湖秋月(余其偉老師 高胡獨奏). 香港中樂團

Little Apple Flash Mob Beijing 2014

The Original Little Apple Video Show by Chopstick

Little Apple by Korean Beauty

The Little Apple Flash Mob at Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China

Masterpieces of Chinese Music: A Musical Performance by Music from China

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