I was talking to a Chinese physician and after knowing my occupation he advised:

"You must exercise more.
Don't buy drinks from stalls or drink beer.
Stay away from red wine especially.
Drink more plain water.
Don't drive when going out.
Take public transport or walk.
Don't eat out. . Eat less meat especially seafood.
Keep to vegetarian diet if possible.

I nodded and asked " May I know what's wrong with me?"

He answered "your salary is too low!"

Be Healthy, Medical Cost is Too High for Most People.

A Walk In Petaling Street "Chinatown" 吉隆坡茨厂街

Guo Gan 二泉映月

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Rejoice. Enjoy. Senses. Sensuous.

Chinese Classical Urhu Concerto :Guo Gan - Butterfly Lovers 梁祝
Two young student lovers couldn't be united in this life, so together they flew away to heaven as butterflies

Chinese music : Guo Gan —— 赛马 ( La course des chevaux )

Chinese music : Guo Gan —— 瑶族舞曲 ( Valse du peuple Yao )

Faye Wong: Wish Our Love Last Fovever

Faye Wong: Wish Our Love Last Fovever 王菲 - 但愿人长久

I love this song deeply, very emotional, sentimental, full of remorse and regrets and yearning for the the love that we wish can last forever.

The lyric is very poetic, as it was the classic Su Tongpor's poem about love in the moonlight night of Mid Autumn festival, some 1,000 tyears ago in the Northern Song Dynasty.

Best mix of Lindsey Stirling 2014

Chinese music : Guo Gan —— 空山鸟语 ( Appels d'oiseaux sur les montagnes désolées )

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